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2009 Boston Marathon

2009 Boston Marathon

Well, it was a great day.  I ran the marathon in almost exactly what I anticipated.  Not my fastest, but then again, not my slowest.  Actually, of the five I’ve run, it falls smack dab in the middle.  Perfect running weather too (just warm enough and overcast), though I actually got a sunburn on calves and the back of my neck.  It did cool down once I passed Cleveland Circle, but thankfully the race was close to being over.

Anyway, it was quite a pleasure to have Carol, my lovely fiancee, along with her brother’s family, meet me at mile 20.  It was my motivational factor throughout the race.  Carol also took the subway and was able to cheer me on from Boylston Street.  My feet were the only thing that really bothered me, and that didn’t happen to about mile 23 (which happened to be my most difficult mile).  Some bleeding on my left big toe (the injured toe) from a callus, which actually went through the sock and shoe, but wasn’t that problematic.  Fortunately the injury wasn’t at all an issue.  I had some Vicodin on me just in case it was!  I rebounded by mile 24 and felt great for the remainder of the race.

That being said, basically everything from my ankles on up felt terrific immediately following the race.  There was some stiffness, but that’s to be expected considering, well, I ran a freakin’ marathon!.  Not bad considering the lack of training I had.  My training regimen consisted of three 5-mile runs, three 9-mile runs and a 13-mile run.  Most people will run this kind of mileage in a week’s training.  Injuries stink, but I’m also a bit of a slacker.  Okay, a HUGE slacker!  I always thought I could run the Boston Marathon without any training and this is as close as I’ll get to making that a true statement.

This is my last Boston.  No more fundraising or training in the cold and snow!!!!  Anyhow, it’s fitting this was my 26th blog entry as this will be my last….


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