Mary Jane

So, my mother’s birthday was this week on Tuesday, April 14. She would have turned 65. The 5th anniversary of her death is next month (she died May 13, 2004). She had just turned 60 when she succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease.

She never saw me run the marathon, though was actually healthy enough to see me for the 2000 – 2002 Boston Marathons that I ran. Her husband refused to bring her down. Anyway, one of my favorite photos of my mother is of her first communion announcement. When she died, I had the photo copied (to a 5×7) and placed her eulogy on the back, and then laminated it. I use it as a bookmark. I’m going to have another made for this marathon, though in a wallet size so I can place it in the pocket of my running shorts. Here it is:

Mary Jane's First Communion

Mary Jane's First Communion

On the back of the photo is the following note that my Nana wrote (she refers to my mother’s older sister Judy; my mother was one of 4 girls):

May 10, 1952

Mary Jane,

The dress I made for Judy two years earlier, made it smaller for you. Throw away pictures you don’t want. No one will want them after I’m gone.

No one will want them after I’m gone. Hmmm, I do.


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