First ride of the season.

Yesterday, it was absolutely gorgeous so I took advantage of the good weather and decided to christen my newly converted Ted Wojcik, which is now a single speed (the Ted is the green bike listed in a previous posting). It took two different approaches, and am glad the project is finished. The maiden voyage was a success and I’m looking forward to getting many miles on the Ted. This bike is going to be used for suburban/urban cruising, cyclocross and general all-around fun. Anyway, I got in 29 miles, which on mountain bike tires was pretty brutal. I’m going to slap on some Maxxis Hookworm tires, which look like this:



I really like the 2.5″ width as it will make the horrific conditions of the roads far more enjoyable. Anyway, they’ll be much better for long rides, and I could probably still go off-road. I have a road bike, but don’t like to use it until the roads are clear of all the sand and salt. Call me a wimp, but it’s a really nice bike that I’d like to keep that way.

Anyway, here’s my route:

First ride of 2009.

First ride of 2009.

I’ll be most likely just riding until the marathon and rest my foot.


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