Hydrate or Die

So, there’s an advertisement with the slogan “Hydrate or Die.” It’s from CamelBak. Anyway, this is certainly a true statement, although you can also die from overhydration like a young woman did while running the Boston Marathon in 2002 (which I also ran). Anywho, not having a huge team with supported long runs each weekend means you have to improvise. So, to keep myself hydrated, I got a fuel belt:

Water, water everywhere (around my waist, that is)

Water, water everywhere (around my waist, that is)

I’ve never tried one of these, but it looks like a good product and I see lots of runners using them. I prefer this design to the single water bottle as it distributes the weight of the liquid around your waist. Plus, I like the little pouch on the back which can be used for your wallet and keys. I’d like to join in on the Crossroads run this evening to christen is, but want to rest a bit more before this weekend’s long run.

Aside from this, it’s been a quiet week. We handed off Zuki on Tuesday evening to Kristen & Lein. They have a very lively black lab whose company I’m sure Zuki will enjoy. Durga and Zuki get along, but there’s a weird alpha female thing that was going on. Didn’t really matter all that much because they did this most of the time:

Nap time

Nap time

On a side note, after living together in our house in the Heights for 5 months, Carol and I finally took the plunge and bought this:

A big girl/big boy purchase.

A big girl/big boy purchase.

All we need now are chairs which we’re researching. We purchased it online at Crate and Barrel, which I think is the furniture equivalent to the Gap. Nice stuff, but definitely aimed at suburban white people. Anyway, it’s going to be way more comfy than eating on the floor.


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