House guest

So, my friend Hilary is doing some great back-country skiing/telemark in beautiful British Columbia (for 10 days).  While she’s away, she needed folks to take care of this wonderful creature:

pretty dog Zuki

pretty dog Zuki

We agreed to take Zuki for a few days, and thought it would be nice for Durga to have some company.  Zuki is, um, a tad high strung, as are many Australian Cattle Dogs.  I retrieved her on Sunday morning and it was a trying first day.  Zuki has a propensity to bark at any strange new noise she hears and she was barking up a storm her first day with us.  I gather it was just her getting used to her new surroundings, as today she has been relatively quiet.  Next, when Carol took her (and Durga) to Fresh Pond for a nice outing, Zuki bolted the second she got off leash.  Fortunately, Carol caught her within 30 minutes as Zuki only got about a 1/2 mile away. On at least 2 other occasions, Zuki has made a bee-line for freedom, so this was a little scary.

We took her with us up to the Agawam Diner last night, and then dropped her off at home.  I went over his morning at 6:30 to bring her back her and she’s been an angel since then.  She isn’t sleeping with us, as I’m not quite willing to risk losing a night’s sleep, so a trip to Cambridge twice a day isn’t so bad.  Today, I’m going to take Zuki & Durga to Blue Ribbon BBQ for some brisket.

On the running front, as you can see, my running shoes are on the background of the photo.  I couldn’t to the 20 mile long run this last weekend (that I paid $20 for) as my foot still hurts.  I went to the Mount Auburn walk-in clinic on Saturday to have it checked out, and had an X-ray done, but the doctor sent me home without the results as it was taking far longer than she expected.  I’m making an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon today to discuss my elbow, which still hurts 7 months after surgery.  I think the screw that’s holding the tendon to the bone might be the culprit.  With less then a month away, I am thinking I may not be able to run with this injury to my toe, and want to ask my orthopedic about my options.  Crossing my fingers.


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