On the wagon.

Back on the wagon.

Goin' cold turkey.

Okay, awhile back, I confessed my one huge vice, diet Coke. As of Tuesday, March 17, 2009, I am diet Coke free. Heck, I’m caffeine free also! What drove me to go cold turkey? Well, I really have been trying to kick the habit for quite some time and St. Patrick’s Day was just as good as any other day. So far, so good. No real cravings. I’m substituting apple juice for the evil carbonated beverage. I drink a lot of water each day, so that probably helps.

On the running front, I was quite excited for my 20 mile long run this coming Saturday.  Unfortunately, I broke (or severely sprained) my left big toe last Sunday on my way to, of all things, my marathon fundraiser.  Ugh.  I was running (literally; I was running pretty fast, too) into CVS to get some items for the event, and I didn’t see that there was a curb at the entrance, and slammed my foot into it at full speed.  I was catapulted forward, though caught my balance and avoided further injury. I knew immediately something was wrong, though it really started to hurt on Monday. I was going to get an X-ray, though there’s really no point. I’m going to rest it and get in some miles on the trainer. I’m hoping it heals really fast. Like my the long run this Saturday….

More thoughts on my fundraiser later.


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