Taking it up a notch.

Okay, I may have mentioned somewhere here that I am quite possibly the laziest runner ever to take part in the sport.  So, to complement my training, or lack thereof, I picked up a bike trainer.  Thank you very much, REI dividend!  Here’s what I got:

My new bike trainer.

My new bike trainer.

I plan on getting in the saddle a few times a week for an hour at a time.  I’ve never done this type of exercise, so I’m quite sure I’ll be bored to some degree.  There’s a DVD that was supplied with the trainer, and they have a couple of workouts that they provide, so I’m hoping that will be beneficial.  I did quite a bit of research, and it seems this is a good one.  I used it over the weekend and it takes a little bit getting used to not moving while pedaling.

This coming weekend is my big fundraiser (Sunday, March 15).  Of the 5 Boston Marathons that I’ve prepared for, this is the first fundraiser I’ve done.  I’m coordinating it with a couple of my CYCLE Kids teammates, and I’m hoping we get lots of folks.  I’m going to have my former band mates from the Change Up performing.  Super psyched about that.  We’ll have a silent auction and a raffle also.  It should be a hoot!  I’m planning to have some fun interactive activities also, so folks can also meet new friends.

Today, I’m a little sad because I wanted to post a photo of my dearly beloved mother riding a bicycle.  It was taken back in 1968 up in Stonington, Maine (Deer Isle).  That’s where my grandparents lived.  My mother is pedaling along with her niece Linda.  My mother is riding my her nephew’s Schwinn Stingray (Billy, who died of melanoma when he was 19) and Linda has a matching girl’s version. Man, did I want Billy’s bike!  They both are smiling as the scream down the road in front of my grandparents’ house. Anyway, I can’t seem to find it and I’m really quite beside myself.  In some ways, the photograph really exemplifies what cycling is to me. Hopefully I can find it soon.  Here’s a couple of photographs of the miniature village that was one of my favorite things to visit when I was a kid.  It’s a shadow of its former glory, and there are only a few structures that remain.  My mother is in the photo (in the blue jacket), and is probably about 13 years old:

Ma at the Stonington miniature village.

Ma at the Stonington miniature village.

Ma with friend (or a sister) at the Stonington miniature village.

Ma with friend (or a sister) at the Stonington miniature village.


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