Bikes, bikes, bikes.

So, one very big reason I’m running the 2009 CycleKids Boston Marathon is because I am an absolute bike freak, and it would be great if some young person might catch the bug like I did at such a young age.

It was a busy 2008 and 2009 so far as cycles go. I picked up a mint condition 1992 Yo Eddy,

1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy

1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy

did a major overhaul on my 1994 Rhygin Ra,

1994 Rhygin Ra

1994 Rhygin Ra

finished my 2009 Independent Fabrication Titanium Crown Jewel,

2008/09 Independent Fabrication Titanium Crown Jewel

2008/09 Independent Fabrication Titanium Crown Jewel

and did an amazing super-duper custom build on the Ted Wojcik.

2007/08/09 Ted Wojcik "Yo Teddy"

2007/08/09 Ted Wojcik “Yo Teddy”

I had an epiphany over the weekend and decided what I really wanted, and what I’ve wanted for a couple of years, was an exact replica of my Rhygin. This was my intention when I ordered the Ted Wojcik, but I got sidetracked.

Anyway, I met with Roy at Grace Cycles down in Holliston on Monday to chat about a “Rhygin Redux” of sorts. We actually touched base over the weekend, so he was able to contact Joe at Independent Fabrication about some of his concerns. This is the second time I’ve worked with Roy, and it was a real pleasure when we built up my Independent Fabrication Titanium Crown Jewel. It’s a perfect fit. Which is pretty much what my Rhygin is. I’ve always been a staunch steel guy, but I’m going with titanium this time. I really like it on my road bike, so I’m sure it’ll be nice off road too.

I checked some of the old catalogs and web pages on Rhygin to get more information on my bike’s geometry. Apparently, my frame was a custom build as it doesn’t match anything on the standard geometry that was listed. Makes it all the more special, I suppose, because I really love the Rhygin. I will never sell the frame, and will store it for the time being.

When Roy and I discussed my preferences, he asked about fit, to which I replied “I want the frame to have the exact specifications as the Rhygin!!!!” Anyway, after about 45 minutes, I left, and left the Rhygin there, just in case its needed for measurements. Feels weird not to have it in my stable. I anxiously await the CAD drawing.

I am blessed with having a profession that affords me the possibility to play with such nice toys. But you know, I’d be just as happy with my 1977 Huffy Thunder Road.  I actually removed the numbers and banana seat and put on a saddle from a road bike because it looked cooler).  I think I cried when I finally broke the frame (sometime around 1981) after countless hours of fun and thousands of miles of memories:

Huffy Thunder Road

Huffy Thunder Road

It’s never been about the “stuff” to me, and those who think otherwise, well they really don’t know me.  To me it’s all about freedom.  I think that’s why I don’t race, because you have to stay on a specific path.  Not my style.  Although maybe it should be considering I’ve been mistaken for an Olympic athlete as of recent.

A little rant:  I firmly believe in supporting the local frame builders, so it’s going to cost a little more.  All my frames are locally made, and a great number of the components are from small fabricators (e.g. Black Sheep).  I see cyclists riding bikes that cost several thousand dollars, and that money could have been spent supporting the local economy (aside from the bike shop).  I’ll get off my soap box now….

On a side note, my fiancee is super cool with me being such a nerdy bike geek/freak.  I spend a fair amount of time in my shop and she doesn’t mind.  This all makes me very happy.

So, no running times to report. Was recovering from my calf injury and I got sick yesterday with a wicked sore throat coupled with allergies from a 13 pound chihuahua that resides with me up here in the Heights. This is the offending party:

Durga Crumbles Guzman

Durga Crumbles Guzman

Tomorrow is the Banff Film Festival, so no running until the Crossroads run….


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