A little history

So, I ran to the runners meeting last night (5.3 miles; 9:43 pace) and when we were all chatting about injuries and such, I brought up my catastrophic failure of my knee back in the 2007 Boston Marathon. It happened within 1 mile of a long run I was doing with my DFMC running buddy Steve. We chose the Minuteman National Park as our long run, and it was a beautiful day, although a tad chilly at 9 degrees. The course is gravel, which is nice, and it’s an out-and-back-and-out-and-back course. At mile 3, I started to feel something strange in my left knee, and let Steve know I would be dropping back. At mile 4, I was down for the count. In the stretch of 1 mile, a stress fracture form clear through my tibia (not my femur as I have recently incorrectly recalled), which snaked a little more than half way across the bone. I would not be able to run for 2 months, but recovered well, though had a horrible race that year due to a stomach issue. Anyway, here’s the MRI of my knee:



This is why I’m taking is REALLY slowly this year….


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