A weekend of cross training.

I took this weekend to stay local considering I was up in New Hampshire (Bartlett & Hanover) enjoying the abundance of snow for the past two weekends. It felt great not to drive anywhere. Well, long distances anyway.

I thought some back-country and cross-country skiing would be a nice respite from the running. On Saturday, my friend Daniel & I went to Estabrook Woods out in Concord. I had never been there, and he was a great guide. It’s a wonderful place, let me tell you. Amazing it’s so close to Boston because you really feel like you’re in the north country. I enjoyed it far more than the Middlesex Fells, for skiing anyway. I’d like to go back sometime with my mountain bike.

There were lots of trails, and most had been tracked out already. I brought my touring/back-country skis. Waxless, and a bit narrower than my hard-core telemark/back-country skis. We were out for a few hours and I think we put 7 miles under our belts. Conditions were quite good. Daniel had a GPS unit recording the outing, but for some reason, it didn’t work. I don’t see him as much as I used to since he and his wife had a baby, but I treasure whatever time I can get with any of my friends. He’s also one of my road biking partners (he also has an Independent Fabrication and referred me to Grace Bicycles when I got my IF Titanium Crown Jewel).

On Sunday, my fiancee and I went to Weston. Warm day, like 44 degrees. She had a skate ski lesson and I skate skied during her lesson. I spied in on her lesson every now and then. She did remarkably well. After the lesson, we practiced what she just learned and I tried to give her some pointers. I had a solid 2 hour workout. Conditions were okay, though some pools of water had formed on the trails and the snow had the consistency of mash potatoes.

After Weston, we headed to Framingham to hit REI and the Container Store in Natick. Damn errands. We had a yummy lunch at Big Fresh Cafe in Framingham beforehand, though. Haven’t been there in ages. If you haven’t been, well go! Sitting here watching the Soprano’s and did a little wedding planning earlier.

It’s been a fantastic weekend altogether.

Just some skate skis.

Just some skate skis.


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