My first run of the season.

Okay, yes you may be thinking to yourself, “Why on earth have you waited until now to start your marathon training?”  Well, first and foremost, I’m lazy.  For the most part.  Secondly, I’ve had this nasty virus that just won’t go away.  It’s primarily affecting my lungs, which coupled with my asthma, makes running difficult.  Anyhow, I have 11 full weeks to train and with 4 Boston Marathons under my belt, I know what to expect.

Tonight was an easy 5 miles.  I plotted out an easy and familiar course.  Here’s my route:

My first 5 mile run!

My first 5 mile run!

My time was 44:16, which puts me at an 8:50 pace.  Possibly a little too fast for my first run.  Especially at 17 degrees. I bundled up.

Clean running shoes!

Clean running shoes!

It was actually a beautiful evening.  Crystal clear sky.  No wind.  Roads were cleared from yesterday’s storm that produced several inches of snow.  Still a little scary in places.  I actually forgot my identification.  Big no-no.

Tomorrow is the weekly Crossroads run.  I plan on attending and seeing many familiar faces from the Dana-Farber marathon team.  Looking forward to catching up and grabbing a piece of the free greasy pizza that is provided.

On a final note, while I was out and about this morning, an elderly woman pulled me aside and asked me “Are you in the Olympics?” I really wish I felt like I was in that good of shape after my first run!


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